Purchase Futurelands Paintings!

I present to you an exciting opportunity, I am releasing my private stock of Futurelands paintings for direct purchase!

Lions & Rabbits​ Gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan also has a wide range of my work on display or at their fingertips, from large original paintings, to small abstracts, to prints and cards, so if you’d like to see more please stop in or give them a call!

Loralee is a professional Painter and Art Director born in Grand Rapids Michigan, 1988.  After a trip to Iceland inspired the start of her “Futurelands” series, in 2013  she has been living a nomadic lifestyle with her husband, filmmaker Philip Carrel, on and off since, visiting 23+ countries, making paintings, murals and films along the way.

Eight years out from receiving her BFA in Painting from KCAD, she is tenaciously pursuing her creative goals & dreams.

If you can’t make a purchase but you’re inspired by my paintings and renegade vagabonding and want to pitch in to help out, it would be incredibly helpful and appreciated. My paypal is loraleegrace@gmail.com 

Thank you for your investment into my art career, and creative culture as a whole!