Artist Statement + CV

Artist Statement:

The surreal, often intricate paintings I create are informed by my experiences of daily life in remote and unique areas around the world.

I make paintings with oil on canvas or watercolor and gouache on paper, to bring about my ongoing Futurelands series. My process brings a new approach to landscape painting by combining inspiring natural scenes with historical textile motifs local to the places and experiences that stir my soul. Each composition I create is a celebration of the vibrant cultures that exist around the world despite the homogenizing force of globalization.

Conceptually, my paintings address critical environmental issues of our time like air pollution and climate change. Landscapes are populated with figures wearing suits and air filtering contraptions, suggesting creative solutions to these escalating problems. My imagery ranges from landscapes to portraits and cityscapes, unified by common themes, with a hint of optimistic futurism for the rich heritage of our planet earth.